Do you remember the day when your desktop computer lived at the office?  You used that device at work and then you left it at work.  Today, we all work differently.  With notebooks, ultra-books, tablets, smart phones and smart watches (along with other smart-enabled clothing items!) our world has changed.  In a world that already was mastered by a frantic pace, we have now tied ourselves to our gadgets in a way unlike any time in history previously.  Is this a bad thing?  Perhaps not. Today’s tech tools provide information at our finger tips.  We have the wealth of knowledge of humankind available via the Internet on the device we’re carrying in our pocket.  The other day, I was watching a basketball game and wanted to know more about a specific player.  I instinctively grabbed my phone to find out more.  Unfortunately, my battery was depleted and I thought, for just a moment, about how dependent I’ve become upon technology and the Internet.  The limitless information it gives us is powerful. It can be powerful for your business, too!  But the key element here is to control your technology.  In those archaic times of old (you know, just a couple of years ago!), we worked with technology when and how it permitted us to do so.  Today, however, our objective is to make technology work for us!  It needs to exist and enable where, when and how we need it.  It’s a tool and it should enable and empower our success.  If it fails to achieve this, we need a new tool! Our goal at InfoSense is to help your organization apply the right tools to meet your objectives.  Let us help you to be free of the tyranny of these tools and to take control of your technology back so that they bring you what you need when you need it.  Technology and the Internet are powerful tools with limitless possibilities.  Put them to work for you! Just remember, it’s okay to unplug sometimes too!  🙂

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