InfoSense was founded to be a different type of firm. We want to understand you, your needs, your goals and your vision. You have a specific way that you go about your activities. You have your unique strategy for your organization. We can provide technical expertise, but only you can provide the personal knowledge of your living, breathing organization, your culture and how you operate. We don’t have any desire to just sell you something. We believe that we need to understand you before we work together to find a solution to your needs and develop or build upon your technology strategy. This is the win for both of our organizations.

InfoSense is a next-generation services firm. With more than 20 years in the IT industry, our founder recognized that the traditional way of doing IT just doesn’t work any longer. Companies are leaner and meaner in accomplishing their own missions. Services are moving to the cloud. On-premise infrastructure is simplifying. The need for technical assets is changing. We believe that this is a better way!

Our goal is to be a strategic part of your business. You will not shape your business around technology. Rather, we want to get to know you so that, together, we can bring technology to the right time and right place where it can benefit you the most.

Building upon this foundation is our passion for generosity and serving. We’re all about impacting our communities and changing the world for the better and we believe that technology can be a powerful game-changer here as well. At the heart of our mission is a desire to harness the power of technology to unleash world-changing businesses and non-profit organizations.

In everything you do, your technology should suit you. It should be shaped by and work for you and your organization. That’s what we mean by sensible technology for your business.

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