Our mission is to allow you to focus on your business rather than on your technology. We will help you to transform technology from a cost center into a valuable tool that unleashes your team to meet your goals and change the world!

Our Values

Serving First

It is not about us.

It’s about our customers. Our community. Our world. We are passionate about serving — and changing the world in the process. Our entire team invests a minimum of 10% of our working time and energy to serving our non-profit friends at no charge.

Think Forward

Our vision is as big as our mission!

Technology is ever evolving. We keep what is coming tomorrow at the forefront of our minds constantly and dedicate a portion of our time each week to focusing on discovering ‘the next generation’ in our field.

Extreme Ownership

If you’re going to do it, own it!

We will take ownership in everything we do. Extreme ownership gives us a personal stake in our every activity. Its success is our success. We know we’re not working for someone else – we’re working for OUR customers, OUR communities and OUR future!

Prioritize Execution

When you understand the risk, go!

We will ensure we’re moving fast, exceeding expectations and continually moving forward when we make execution a top priority. We will not be held back by fear or lack of total understanding. We will passionately push forward toward our goal.

Details Matter

Excellence is found in the little things!

Paying attention to the details provides a better experience for our team, our customers and our partners. We know we are better when details matter. Excellence is found in the details!

Constant Feedback

Feedback IS the finish line.

Feedback is the key to growth and improvement. We will invite and encourage feedback constantly at every level. No task or project is complete without an opportunity to give and receive feedback — especially from our customers and partners.

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