The continued success and growth of cyber-attacks has shone an uncompromising light on the fallibility of traditional Anti-Virus when used in isolation – leaving ‘Silver Bullet’ solutions, a myth of the past.

A determined attacker has unlimited time on their hands (and the tools) to try multiple methods to see where your weaknesses lie.

The most effective way to counter the multiplicity of attack chains and vectors is to employ a multi-layered defense.

Malwarebytes is downloaded on average 500k times daily and has become famous among professionals for identifying and remediating issues when traditional AV fails.

That’s the removal of a staggering 3 million pieces of Malware a day by combining seven distinct technologies that include:

  1. Web Protection
  2. Application Hardening
  3. Exploit Mitigation
  4. Application Behaviour
  5. Anomaly Detection Machine Learning
  6. Payload Analysis
  7. Ransomware Mitigation

All designed to deter and detect, even the most motivated attacker.

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