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We’re excited that you want to know a little bit more about us and the services we offer. As you read through this page, though, we’d ask you not to get too wrapped up in these services. Our offerings are as unique as our clients. We don’t believe any one solution fits all needs and we prefer to cater our solutions to our customer’s needs. The following are intended to offer a general idea of the types of services we provide, but we’re more interested in finding out what’s right for your business before we figure out how to collaborate to get you there!

Cloud Services

The cloud is the future of technology and related services. For decades, we’ve understood that centralized computing resources maximized our investments in technology. Finally, with modern cloud technologies, we have the ability to centralize resources while still providing an exceptional end-user experience. At the same time, this trend has enabled us to source popular services from professional service providers who take all of the hassle out of building and managing the service.

When we determine your cloud needs, we’ll work with you and the appropriate cloud service providers to make the right resources available to your team. We have partnerships with multiple leading cloud service providers. As with our other services, however, we’re not looking to sell you a product. We will find and engage the provider who is best suited to your organization.


Communication is the life blood of relationships. Relationships are at the heart of business. This is why “traditional” services like the telephone haven’t and won’t soon go away. We can help you implement a modern communications platform to connect you with your customers or other constituents. With options ranging from traditional PBX through VoIP solutions or cloud-based, multi-protocol unified communications and collaboration systems, we can meet your communications needs. Call us today so that we can discuss how we can best identify and meet your communications needs.


Big Data is a buzz word, true. But it’s also a massive part of our future. Data is everywhere and more and more today, we’re able to collect, store and utilize that data — all to allow us to better meet customer needs and societal demands. We have resources available to assist you with your “big data” needs and to help your organization maximize its use of this valuable commodity.


From modern end-point security to intrusion prevention / detection and server-based security through next-generation firewall services and everything in between, we can meet your security needs. As with all of our services, we evaluate your needs together and determine the appropriate security investments to make. Once chosen, we can help you implement the security components that will best protect your organization without hindering your mission.

Contact our team today and one of our Digital Architects will partner with you to evaluate your current security position and to identify any place where you might want to consider changes.

Solutions Design and Implementation

Whether your needs include traditional Windows-based clients and file servers or a cloud-based application hosting platform, we have the expertise to help you process through your needs, together gain a clear understanding of what will best unleash your team and then execute the appropriate solution. We can aid you with on-premise or cloud-based systems running Microsoft’s Windows platform, numerous varieties of *NIX (like Linux) or Apple’s OS X operating system.

There is no one solution that fits everyone, but one of our Digital Architects will work with you to understand your specific organization, needs and culture and then to design the right solution for your environment. Once we agree that the designed solution is a good fit, we can work with your team and our partners to implement that solution according to our identified specifications.

Virtual CIO

So many companies in the small-to-medium business space understand the value of technology and the power that it has to drive an organization toward its mission, but many of these face the challenge of either not having or not wanting to commit substantial resources to capturing and maximizing this tool. Thus, we’ve introduced our Virtual CIO solution.

One of our Digital Architects will be assigned to your team and will become your representative when it comes to matters involving technology. They will take a seat at your table and work on your behalf as if he or she was a member of your team — all at a reasonable monthly fee. They will bring the technology expertise to your organization and free you to focus on what you do best. You will truly be partners working together to seize momentum and propel your team toward its mission.

Everything Else!

At InfoSense, LLC, we pride ourselves on our ability to understand and adapt to your organization. This is why we don’t limit ourselves to a specific set of services or list of vendors. We believe every organization has a unique personality and your solution should be uniquely crafted to that personality.

The world is shrinking and there are brilliant people out there. Our goal is not necessarily to be able to provide you with every possible service, ourselves, but to be your advocate and to leverage our partnerships, relationships and the massive global pool of talent to bring the right expertise to the table to meet the need we’ve jointly identified. We understand technology and can find the right resources to meet any requirement. Our only stipulation is that it needs to involve technology. Probably. ;)

The only limit truly is your imagination!

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